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Birch "Crimson Slide" Johnson, like most first call players, is a juggler by necessity. He has to keep a lot of balls in the air because of his demanding schedule. For the month of November, 2001, for example, he's working all over Broadway, subbing in such productions as "The Producers", "42nd Street" and "The Full Monte". His day job includes writing music cues for "Guiding Light" and CBS Sports as well as playing on numerous jingles and recording dates. Watch for him in David Letterman's band on November 19th and 20th, CBS at 11:30 PM EST. For relaxation, he juggles (balls).

In his spare time he's been working on a children's adventure fantasy novel, tentatively entitled "Max Schrack and the Wreath of Roses". Max is a sixty something man of vaguely Eastern European descent forced to take care of two grade schoolers when their parents are suddenly kidnapped. He is also collaborating with lyricist Jerry Fishman on a musical entitled "Other Worlds", writing for and producing the debut CD of the "Tye-Dye Tigers" and will soon release his debut solo CD "Crimson Slide" on this website. Stay tuned for details and in the meantime check out the Real Audio samples from "Crimson Slide" below.

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